Wine culture

“God made the water. But men made the wine.”

Victor Hugo French writer
1802 – 1855

Open Wine – It all started as a hobby of the founder, a native Chilean, Jorge Atisha. Jorge Atisha’s friends and customers have fallen in love with carefully selected wines, based on the recommendations of leading South American winemakers and sommeliers, and their number has been rising. As their interest grew, it was easy to picture a company engaged in importing these quality bottled wines, so in 2008 the company OpenWine was set up.


OpenWine, with almost a decade of tradition and experience, has a leading position on the Czech market as an exclusive importer of premium wines from South America. Certified products are imported directly from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, where wines are processed from grape harvesting to bottling. On their wine journeys, the OpenWine team are constantly expanding the portfolio of premium import wines for you, so you can now enjoy wines from Italy or Spain, too.


Wines offered by OpenWine cannot be found on supermarket shelves. Distribution is only available to selected Czech and Slovak restaurants, hotels and specialized stores. Selected wines will also be delivered directly to your home or office. If you look for gift wines which will win the hearts of your friends or clients, OpenWine will suggest a corresponding mix and bottle branding based on your company's corporate identity. In addition, the OpenWine team regularly organise tastings, social events and wine tours around the world for you, your clients and friends.

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