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"We are mortal. Therefore, every talent, skill, ability we possess, every thought and feeling we ever have, every beautiful sight we ever see, every material possession we ever own, will ultimately be lost, unless we share it."

Conari Press editors from the book "Practise Of Kindness"

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Welcome to the new sharing economy. Share your capital with the best investment opportunities and your personality with people who really understand you. Our mission is to fulfil the potential of your capital and bring joy to your life by discovering new, possibly undiscovered horizons and perspectives for you.


Investments are not just funds. Investments are your daily hard work and experienced insight into the field to which you have dedicated your life. Our services will only be available to you when you are truly ready for them. Only then can we work together to find solutions which will allow you to experience something new and your capital to grow steadily.


The companies within the Epitychia Group are involved in the fields which we trust, which we engage in on a daily basis and which make sense to us in terms of investment opportunities.

We are not a part of the present only; we go to the heart of the matter and create the future. We do so consciously and with great joy, and we want to share this joy with you.

Discover the best investment opportunities for yourself and your capital.

The Epitychia Group as a responsible investor in the future

We invest primarily in human capital, because it is people who can bring about positive changes. However, there are people who could not live full lives without someone else's help. That is why we support the Basil Centre, which has been supporting children and adults with mental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders for almost 40 years.

We have also recently established the Folklorika Endowment Fund, which financially supports disadvantaged pupils in the field of music education. We also support gifted but socially disadvantaged pupils in the form of long-term loans of top musical instruments, participation in music competitions and festivals, or we organize music camps with respected teachers for them.

Are you looking for a suitable opportunity for yourself or your company to support charitable or cultural projects? Contact our CSR specialists from the TCCI communications agency, who will be happy to find the right opportunities for you in a meaningful synergy of supporting projects deserving your interest, and who will help you communicate your personal and corporate goals, and above all will contribute to a good cause.